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MGBC Online


There are 2 ways that you can connect with our services:

  • View all of our services in real time (or catch up) through YouTube - click here to access our channel.  PLEASE log in if you have a google account, and be sure to comment as you watch along.

  • Our church online platform will commence in an experimental way over March, with the aim of being in full operation by April.  You can access this by clicking here

We completely understand that in the times we live in now, and with life being so full-on as we emerge from various restrictions, online church is definitely a valid way of "attending" church.  But, we are also deep believers in building communities, not merely audiences!  Remember, being part of a church is to be in community, so don't just view what we do, make contact.  Let's see what we can do to help you connect more in the life and ministries of the church - in person where we can as well as online!

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