Our leadership meets often to carefully consider what Jesus is leading our church to do.  Out of this leading, we form values and goals which hold us accountable - to Jesus and to each other.  These are our church values...


In scripture, living in community is a major part of the order of creation; and being in fellowship with other believers was a commitment that the early church valued deeply.  The vulnerable were looked out for; everyone took personal responsibility for the welfare of others.  Once you became a Christian, community with the believers is something you simply wanted to do!  We are a group of believers who also value being together, and we are deeply committed to fellowship and care for each other.  This has been a hallmark of our church for many years, and we're committed to including all new people into this sort of faith community.  To us, you are more than a face in a crowd.  Instead we will actively look for ways to get to know you and invite you into our family community!

Our At MGBC, we have accepted a COMPELLING MISSION

The church has a commission to announce and demonstrate the Kingdom of God, and to invite the world around us to come under the reign of King Jesus, and we’re excited and intentional about the part we play with that!

We have some really unique and excellent missional expressions.  Our annual Solid Rock Cafe at the Mount Gambier Show is something you don’t see often in other places and it has a rich history.  We are always seeking ways of engaging with our community and having deliberate faith conversations wherever we can.

We also have a long-standing commitment to world-wide mission as well.

At MGBC, we are lifelong learners of Jesus

There is a clear call in scripture for believers to grow and become mature Christians -  to be people who know with deep conviction the things they should believe, people who are able to engage with all sorts of worldviews and appropriately defend their faith; people who can lead others into a similar journey of discipleship. 

This is what Jesus meant in the Great Commission when he said to go and make disciples, teaching them and baptising them.  It is a journey into something deep and real! 

At MGBC, nobody comes empty handed

In recent years, we have become more focused on the development of leaders in the congregation.  We want to help people find their way in where they can best serve the Lord with their gifts.  If you decide to call this church home, we will be intentional about finding ways you can serve and lead in our setting as well as the greater community!