Mount Gambier has had a Baptist presence and witness since 1864. We've taken many forms and met in a number of locations over that time, but we've always been a church deeply concerned about the community and the way we demonstrate who Jesus is to it.We are a large regional church, where people of all ages and all walks of life come together to worship Jesus and enjoy our faith together. We value the contribution of all generations, and aim to see everyone become the ministers we believe Jesus intends us to be.

On any Sunday morning service you'll encounter a modern approach to church, plenty of time and space provided for kids, a strong emphasis on the way the Bible teaches us to live, a group of people willing to take time to make a new friend, and a very deliberate sense of reverence for significant church events such as communion and baptism.  We also believe in the presence and leading of the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised; so we expect a degree of interaction with Him in these times.

But we are also a church that will not separate Sunday from the rest of our week. Jesus has an expression on Monday and we believe we are supposed to be involved with this. We see our city as our God-placed mission. We are deeply committed to being connected and encouraging each other all through the week as well and our extensive network of house churches and other events help make that happen.


Cam and Jenny Buchanan

Cam and Jenny joined us in March 2016, and have been on what they would call an 'adventurous ministry journey!'  After marrying in Frankston in 2001 and running a youth ministry there, they have had the privilege of being involved in some great ministries in Perth, Sydney and North-East Victoria before arriving here.  Besides the oversight of the church, Cam oversees the Young Adults Ministry as well as special initiatives such as Elementary and Momentum.  Jenny oversees Women's Ministry and plays a major role in pastoral care


You can email Cam here.

Simun Lalich

Simun oversees a number of initiatives in our REAL Men ministry and has been a recent and welcome addition to our preaching team. 

Andrew Potts

Andrew has been a part of MGBC since he was born. He has been an Intern here over 2018-19. He is keen to be a part of the discipleship of the next generation and oversees our youth ministries as well as a heap of our online content.

Dale Nearmy

Dale is a part of our eldership and has overseen our creative ministries for many years, and deeply believes in and facilitates a Christ-centred worship expression - through song, prayer, and reflection as well as encouraging service to our community.

Tony Potts

At MGBC, House Churches are a key part of pastoral care and our commitment to "not standing alone." People are encouraged to be members of our house churches, for fellowship, bible study, prayer support and more.  Tony and his wife Janine are the go-to people to help you connect in with this ministry!

Peter Telford

Peter has recently taken the lead role with our Missions Team.