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Friday June 17
Bevvies with your Bros.  Location and times on on the REAL Men Facebook page

Saturday July 2, 8am
Breakfast event at the church

We believe the Christian man should be a very special kind of man - a "REAL" man - one who is committed to growing in the traits that Jesus instructed us to take on; one who can live their lives out in a very healthy, productive and God-pleasing way.   Being "REAL" has a specific meaning to us:


  • We're RESOURCEFUL.  We are able to dig deep and tap into our emotions in a healthy way, and can be proactive in dealing with trials and temptations that come our way. 

  • We're ENGAGED.  We do not coast along in life.  We do not tune out from our families or friends, we do not withdraw from deep conversations; we don't run away from conflict and we don't ignore the needs of the world around us.  Instead we 'get into gear' and play an active role in making things around us better

  • We're ACCOUNTABLE.  We are committed to living lives which are transparent and honest in the eyes of Jesus, our families, our church and our community.

  • And we're LOVING - because Jesus told us this is the greatest expression that a believer could ever display, and it has eternal value!

For ongoing information, please connect with us on our REAL MEN Facebook Page here