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We are really excited to announce the launch of our Elementary Bible Study Series.  This is a series of study guides intended to help fuel the conversation about what Christians believe about Jesus and the life of faith He calls us into.  It is material written by members of our congregation and widely used in our setting, laying valuable foundations for those newer to faith or perhaps even investigating its claims.  You are welcome to download each booklet below.



We are shown in the gospels that Jesus calls us to a deliberate journey of spiritual formation once we have become aware of his reign and accepted his Lordship over our lives.  It calls for a sense of active belief in him; and a lifetime of following him in an intentional arrangement called discipleship.   The Elementary series has been developed to assist those who are taking their first steps into this discipleship journey.  It will help you to explore some key things that Christians need to know somewhat early in their faith journey.  It’s our prayer that these studies help you to really grow in your faith and understanding of what it takes to be a faithful and productive follower of Jesus.



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